Chairman’s Report
Mrs Julie Seamark, Earith Parish Council Chairman wishes to thank Mr Ron Hodge for his tireless work for the village over his 28 year service as a Parish Councillor.  Mr Hodge has decided not to stand for election this year.  Ms Hazel Lambert has also resigned from her position as Councillor and thanks go to her for her enthusiasm and hard work during her term of office.  Earith Parish Council had an uncontested election this year and a new Councillor, Mr John Fulcher is to be welcomed onto the Council in May.  Councillor, Mr Gavin Young has also been co-opted onto the Council and was welcomed to the Council table in June.
The Clerk presented a new Local Highways Initiative Bid for 2015 for speed reduction measures along Meadow Lane.  The bid was successful and these will be implemented once the plans have been agreed with the County Council. The second batch of plans was discussed at the Council meeting on Thursday the 3rd September.  the additions have been accepted by the Council.  Speeding in general was discussed and the Community Speedwatch Team is looking for support.  If you have a few hours to spare and would like to help with the serious problem of speeding in Earith then please contact the Clerk who will be able to pass your details to the Speedwatch team.  It was suggested that the Council holds an open meeting to discuss speeding in the village and this will be considered for the future.  If you would like updates regarding this matter then please check the notice boards where the Council meeting agendas can be located.  Notice boards can be found near the bus stop on Cooks Drove, at the Shop, Outside the Village Hall and near the duck pond on Colne Road.
The improvements to Chapel Lane are almost finished and illuminated studs will be installed soon.  Car parking along Chapel Road is causing concern amongst some residents of the village and parking on grass verges is not acceptable as these verges are owned by the District Council and/or Luminus Housing Association and it is illegal to park in these areas.  Parking tickets will be given to any residents seen parking on the grass verges during the police patrols within the village.  Illegal parking in disabled bays on Cooks Drove is also a problem as cars are not parking in the correctly marked parking bays and are causing serious road hazards by protruding out into the road on the corners of Cooks Drove.
The skate park was officially opened on the 28th March and it has been welcomed by the younger residents of the village who use it constantly.  New seating and litter bins have also been installed and this area is now a family friendly area that can be enjoyed by all.  It is hoped that some further improvements can be made to the play equipment over the next few years.
The Huntingdonshire Local Plan is under consultation at the moment and will be open to public consultation in the summer of 2015.  You can log onto the HDC planning portal for more information at www.huntingdonshire.gov.uk
The Parish Council would like to ask all home owners that have trees and hedges bordering village pathways to make sure that they are adequately maintained through the growing season.  Many homeowners have carried out maintenance this year and the Parish Council would like to thank all residents that have helped to make the village pathways usable and tidy.  Thank you for your continued effort throughout the coming months.
Litter is becoming a problem along the grass verges between Earith Sluice and Earith Bridge.  Please use the litter bin provided at the High Bridge parking area for rubbish disposal if you are using this area.

The Community Plan working party are currently working on a questionnaire.  Councillors, Mrs Marilyn Russell and Mr Terry Rogers have formed a group consisting of five residents and will be given support by County Councillor Mr Steve Criswell.  The Community Plan is a document that highlights areas where the residents of the village of Earith would like to see improvements and comments and ideas are welcomed.  If you would like to make comments or suggestions then please contact the Clerk who will pass them over to the Community Plan team.